Summer Fitness Tips for Basketball Season

Preparation for basketball season starts during the fall semester; thus, it is recommended to become physically fit active during summer. You need to ensure you play well when basketball season comes so you have to work all summer for this.

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If you have any problems with your legs and feet such as a minor sprain at the ankle, you will need to address this now by going to your physician or your physical therapist. He shall give you a professional opinion and advice which you need to follow. Do not wait to be checked once basketball season starts because you will need to be healthy before it happens.

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Sit down with your coach or trainer and evaluate your game so that you will know your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Have him evaluate the way you handle the ball and the way you shoot. It is vital to evaluate all these so that you would be encouraged to place importance on your training. Have your coach come up with a wide-ranging training program for you and he will suggest how you should perform such workouts. It is important therefore to know your strengths as well as weaknesses so that you can prioritize all phases of your exercise regimen.

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